Gorgeous Ways To Make Use Of Your Christmas Lights

Gorgeous Ways To Make Use Of Your Christmas Lights

This is the time of year when we like to add a little holiday glitz to everything, including our tree, our attire, and the exterior of our homes. Everyone feels a little bit nostalgic when there are Christmas lights all around. Holiday lighting offers many opportunities for creativity, from traditional string lights to LEDs and neon lights this year. 

Christmas lights may be used for much more than just your tree’s seasonal decorations. Check out these amazing holiday lighting ideas to add more cheer to your home than you ever imagined. Some of these amazing ideas are great for DIY Christmas décor and may be used all year long. Make some great crafts that are simple, affordable, and enjoyable for everyone to make. These holiday light displays are sure to get you in the festive mood if you need some ideas and inspiration.

  1. DIY Christmas Tree
Photo Credit: Times Of India

Some people can’t have a tall Christmas tree with all the trimmings because of the lack of space in their home, If you’re one of those who have a space constraint or just want to try something more unique for a Christmas tree this year, this one’s for you.

Try building a deconstructed Christmas tree this year for a unique way to use holiday lights indoors. To make a contemporary Christmas tree that can be placed in the kitchen, the studio, or even the guest bedroom, hang a string of Christmas lights from tree branches. Further decorate with holiday greenery, such as sprigs of pine needle and frosted pinecones.

You can also get artistic with pine wood and fairy/string lights. Your end product will be a  minimalist light Christmas tree without the fussy cleanup, which is ideal for those of you with space restrictions. The perfect match for any small home or apartment. 

  1. Light Up Christmas Wreath 
Photo Credit: Getty Images

You can either buy a pre-lit wreath like this one or wire fairy lights into a fresh Christmas wreath on your front door to make guests’ visits throughout the holidays especially brilliant.

If you have additional Christmas lights lying around, you can also create a sparkling wreath out of Christmas lights by using creativity. By the window or front door, hang a wire wreath frame wreath that has been wrapped in lights.

  1. Twinkle Lights Christmas Canvas
Photo Credit: A Pumpkin & A Princess

Cheap, simple, and hassle-free. Simply paint a canvas black and use a chalk pen to create your Christmas message. You decide how many twinkling lights you want and where you want to place them next for the twinkle lights. To make the hole and insert the lights, use an eyelet setter. In order to prevent the lights’ cords from yanking on the canvas, tape them down at the canvas’s back. The canvas is then hung on a nail, and it is easily removed and reattached to the wall to turn on the twinkle lights. The battery pack is merely supported by the canvas’s inner bottom border. So adorable for a simple, low-cost project.

  1. Lit Christmas Baubles 
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Create these Christmas light balls to decorate your Christmas tree or home as a fun DIY project. Until it is completely covered, wrap your Christmas lights around a circular wire frame. To hang them from trees, your ceiling, or windows, use ribbon or metal cords.

  1. Fairy Light Jars
Photo Credit: Patch

This easy DIY idea gives mason jars or any other jars in your home a whole new life as well as a classic festive makeover. Simply fill a Mason jar with a lot of string lights, then arrange them in a group on a mantle or entryway table. You can also up it a notch and stock glitter glue or sprinkle fairy dust in the jar for a little something extra! 

  1. Curtain of Lights
Photo Credit: Pinterest

To create an opaque impression, dangle some waterfall lights or other smaller lights vertically rather than horizontally inside some gauzy curtains. Placing the lights right on the window and hanging the curtains on top is a simple approach to achieve that attractive impression when utilizing a curtain full of lights. By doing this, you can create a pleasant, elegant effect that is still simple and visible from a variety of locations throughout the space. This one is straightforward but incredibly lovely and useful. Create a light curtain on a window or even outside to give the room a simple yet magical feel. You might even keep this on for the whole year once the festive season is over. 

  1. Starry Starry Night Twinkle Ceiling 
Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

If you have a lot of extra string lights, spread them out to cover the ceiling to make a canopy of light. For a nice environment, you can draw a pattern on the ceiling or just attach the lights so that the entire space is illuminated.

  1. Highlight Windows
Photo Credit: Pinterest

If your home consists of a lot of windows, hang lights around them for excellent lighting both during the day and at night. Like drapes, hanging the lights high above the window will give the impression that the window is larger than it actually is and will provide adequate lighting for the space.

No matter the size of the space, string lights effortlessly bring personality. They could be illuminating your house rather than just using it to illuminate your Christmas trees. 

  1. Lit Christmas Garland
Photo Credit: Best Products

You can create your own illuminated garland if you’re a serious do-it-yourselfer. Any leafy plant or vine can be chosen; simply cut it to suit the gap between the bulbs. Along the full length of the string lights, continue wrapping florist wire around the plant to secure it and you have yourself a fully lit Christmas garland for the holidays! 

  1. Pine Cone Basket With Lights
Photo Credit: Pinterest

We know that there are many who constantly have a surplus of pinecones from Christmas shopping, so this one’s a great one to DIY instead of haphazardly placing them around the house. DIY fantasies. Simply arrange the pinecones in a basket and gently wrap the exterior and interior of the basket with white Christmas lights. 

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