Minimalist Yet Chic Christmas Decoration Ideas

Minimalist Yet Chic Christmas Decoration Ideas

These suggestions will provide you with the most gorgeous Christmas decorations that is minimalistic yet trendy if you are looking forward to a minimalist Christmas with more cheer and less frivolity.

We all love extravagant Christmas displays, but we also understand the “less is more” philosophy. Another possibility is that you just haven’t yet amassed enough ornaments in your collection to completely fill a tree or have too little decorations to fill your home. If that is you, you’re definitely seeking ideas for minimalist Christmas decor ideas and buying advice that feels sharp and tailored but is still joyful. Discover below simple Christmas decor inspiration for your home this holiday season. 


These cutting-edge, minimalist Christmas tree designs will make your holiday as enjoyable as possible! Get ready to be impressed because these Christmas trees show that elegance can be found in simplicity.

  1. Pop Of Color
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Go out of the norm and choose a different colored Christmas tree such as blue or pink. You can just decorate the tree with a few ornaments scattered around that matches the color of the tree or even hang up some polaroids of your family if you’d like. Simple and minimalist, yet completely eye-catching with the pop of color. 

  1. Keep It Neutral 

One of the best ways to create a minimalist tree is by keeping it neutral with a color palette. Choose a color that goes with the overall theme and only use decorations that are of that color. For example, if you like gold accents, don’t clutter the tree with everything gold. Instead, choose smaller amounts and smaller ornaments to get that pop of gold without over-decorating the tree. It’s best to use ornaments that vary in size to see the different contrasts. The key here is to use these ornaments sparingly, so that it is pleasing to the eye. 

  1. Use Natural Elements 
Photo Credit: Walmart

The splendor of the green pine tree is enhanced by enormous pinecones, dried hydrangeas, tufts of blueberries, and other bits and pieces. By using natural elements in your decorations, you are keeping the simple and minimalist look of your tree without going over the top. It keep everything looking classy and chic. It will also get you to achieve a rustic look by using natural elements that are all the rave these days. Less is really more in this case. 

  1. LED Lights 

Instead of using conventional incandescent bulbs for your Christmas tree lights, choose LED lights if you want a long-lasting, low-energy choice. You won’t have to worry about replacing LED lights as frequently because they consume less energy and last a lot longer. Additionally, they’re especially great in lowering your holiday electricity costs.

The simplest solution is to leave the tree as it is; simply place it into a tree skirt to conceal the base, and a very simple tree is complete. If your tree is in a pot and you don’t want to ruin the branches with ornaments or if the branches are too thin for them, adding merely lights to it is also a lovely option. Another extremely contemporary way to decorate a Christmas tree is with a few bows or some spray-painted snow. You can also choose ornaments, which come in a variety of colors such as black and white, sheer, metallic, naturally green, and others that don’t stick out too much.


  1. Greenery 
Photo Credit: Jenna Kate At Home

Have you noticed the shift toward greenery trends yet? Avoid Christmas garlands that are adorned with ornaments, lights, scratchy, shiny ribbons, loud colors, and perhaps even faux birds. Be a greenery purist and use a simple garland to decorate specific sections of your home. The garland should be fastened in place with neutral-colored ribbons or fabric strips. 

  1. Op For A Half-Wreath 
Photo Credit: Made From Scratch

All you actually need is half a wreath. The pine sprigs in this arrangement add a striking beauty to the wreath’s bottom, especially when combined with a sparse number of neutral or monochromatic ornaments (bonus points for defined shapes, like bulbs, squares or diamonds).

  1. White Feathers

During the holiday season, white feathers are becoming more and more popular as a subtle way to add a touch of winter beauty without going overboard. A perfectly understated tribute to the trend is to add clay white feathers to a place setting that is all one color. However, why end with your place setting? Make a centerpiece out of wayward branches and hang a few white feathers (usually clay or textured) to give your table a fun, festive look.

  1. Incorporate Outdoor Elements

This does not, however, entail transforming your living room into a magical winter wonderland. Instead, to bring a little touch of the outside inside, simply string acorns across a blank wall for to add a little nature and rustic element to your home decor. 

  1. Simple Wrapping
Photo Credit: Boston Mamas

To wrap those Christmas presents in a way that stands out, fresh greens and happy holiday spirit go hand in hand. It looks wonderful to wrap gifts in stark black paper with fresh greenery or in red twine-decorated Kraft paper. 

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