Unique Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas To Try This Year

Unique Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas To Try This Year

With the merry season getting closer, it’s time to put your creativity to the test. Our favourite time of the year is soon going to be upon us, so we’ve compiled some unique Christmas tree decoration ideas to make your tree stand out and get people talking at your Christmas party. These are sure to create some buzz and have people in awe at your unique decoration choices this year. Ideas are everywhere, and we’re sure wherever you’re from, the streets are decked out in everything Christmas. It might be hard to stray away from the traditional decorations if you stick to a similar theme each year. 

Whether you prefer over-the-top elegance a professional might design for a restaurant—or a more rustic farmhouse vibe that transforms your own home into a winter wonderland, creating a statement-making tree is critical to kicking off the season.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer the traditional combination of red and green color combinations, or if you like to be slightly more adventurous with your decorations, we have got you covered. If you’re looking to try something a little more unique and want to make a statement this year, these ideas are definitely something you can consider for the festive season. We hope you’re as excited as us to get decorating! 

You have the option of purchasing an eye-catching artificial Christmas tree or a live tree, just don’t pass up the chance to spruce it up with a tasteful assortment of Christmas decorations such as Christmas ornaments, Christmas garlands, and Christmas tree toppers

  1. Prize Ribbons

With the help of colorful prize ribbons, lean into a nostalgic Christmas tree theme. Combine pastel colors like pink, blue, and yellow with vibrant reds. If you’re looking to add a personal touch, you can also pick it up a notch by including prize ribbons of your own that you collected throughout the years. It’s sort of like going down memory lane as you can also revisit the times when you achieved these prize ribbons. 

  1. Frosted Berries Tree Topper 

For those who prefer to stick with a red-and-white theme, take a Christmas tree to the next level with this idea. Instead of a traditional star topper, use bunches of festive berry branches to complement the ball ornaments and place it right at the top. It’s a sure head turner and is a unique way to replace traditional Christmas tree toppers with your already existing decorations. It also works with the different coloured berry garland decorations such as gold, green or silver. You can choose a colour theme based on your decorations and see which berry garland suits the tree the most. 

  1. Rainbow Magic 

Against an all-white Christmas tree, there’s so many ways you can go about decorating it. The possibilities are endless, but our personal favorite for a more unique looking all-white out Christmas tree is to add pops of colors to it. Most people would go for the all-white look decked out with white ornaments and white snowflakes, but to add a bit of razzle dazzle to your tree, try using multi-colored Christmas baubles to give it that rainbow magic. Multicolored ornaments come to life against an all-white Christmas tree and make the colors of the decorations pop even more with the contrasting shades. You can choose to do the traditional red and green color combination, or you can mix and match different colors ornaments, it’s really all up to you and how your overall Christmas decoration theme looks this year. Besides ball ornaments, you can also choose to add adorable mini stockings and mini candy canes to really bring it all together. 

  1. Sweet Treats 

It might seem like a lot and you can reduce the amount of decorations to your preference, but for those with a sweet tooth and just love sweet treats and desserts in general, this tree is sure to show your personality. Decorate this year’s tree with a variety of food-inspired ornaments for a sweet treat. You can even put in some real candy cane treats that are wrapped so that people have a fun time figuring out which one is actually edible. With so many different sweet inspired decorations these days, you’re bound to come up with a gorgeous and delicious looking tree. 

  1. Vintage Christmas Card Decorations 

If you’ve compiled quite a substantial amount of Christmas cards over the past few years, this is a great way to flaunt them on your Christmas trees. It’s also a great way for the family to have a good time going through each card you’ve received over the years. It’s a fun alternative to the traditional Christmas tree decorations. If you don’t have any Christmas cards for display but love this idea, you can also try searching at your local gift stores because they’re sure to sell a wide array of vintage Christmas cards for you to choose from. We personally think the vintage looking cards add to the whole aesthetic of the Christmas theme! 

There’s so many different types of ways you can decorate your Christmas trees and these are just some ideas we thought you’d find some inspiration with. A unique bonus tree design that gave us the giggles is this sanitary mask/covid-inspired Christmas design. It’s definitely something that will get people laughing, and although Christmas may be a bit different this year, we can still have some fun with it! If you’re looking for great quality Christmas trees to kick-start your decorating process, look no further, we’ve got you covered at Christmas Tree Singapore.

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