Unique Christmas Party Themes To Try This Season

There’s always a lot of excitement coming up to the holidays, but there’s even more this year, including a comeback of in-person events (hopefully). Even if the events aren’t exactly the same as in previous years, chances are you want to make it a memorable occasion. Although the Christmas season is still months away, it’s always good to plan ahead. If you’re throwing a Christmas party and want to do something slightly different and unique this year, we would recommend you go with a theme. There are plenty of party themes that will make your get-together feel enjoyable and original. Take a look at these party ideas for some inspiration for your next big Christmas party! 

  1. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Starting with the most popular theme, we can’t miss out the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Genuinely ugly Christmas sweaters may be hard to come across in retail outlets so your guests  have no choice but to dress up in their own or a different form of ugly Christmas clothing. Have a laugh with each other’s choices and it’s the one party theme that may seem overdone, but is still fun all at the same time. 

  1. Brunch-Mas 

Who doesn’t love Brunch? Get your friends together for a Christmas themed brunch and go all out for the Christmas feast. This one’s mainly for the kids. They’re so excited for the presents that they open them the minute they wake up. A Christmas brunch may be a better idea because after all the presents are opened, it’s nearly noon, and everyone is starving. Amped up with their new presents and playing with it, they’re bound to be hungrier by the time noon comes around. Whip up some waffles, maple-glazed breakfast sausage, glazed blueberry rolls, bread pudding, the works! It’s a win-win for both the adults and children. 

  1. Characters of Christmas 

Allow your love of a specific Christmas character, movie, or other holiday element to inspire the party theme. What appeals to you and inspires you to be creative? Planning a party around something you enjoy can become a new and enjoyable custom that you can continue for years to come. This one’s a fun one. With so many of our loved Christmas characters, get your guests to come donned in their favorite Christmas character. It’s almost like Halloween but with a Christmas twist. Santa, Santa’s elves, and Scrooge are just a few of the easily recognisable and easy-to-recreate characters and we’re sure they’re bound to have as much fun getting dressed as they will have at the party itself. 

  1. DIY Party 

This one’s especially good for the host because you get your guests to help out with the party decorations as well 😉 Set aside an afternoon to make holiday ornaments. This is an excellent party to throw with a group of other parents because each parent can provide materials and instructions for a different ornament. Parents can sit back and supervise (over a glass of wine of course) Choose a fun DIY ornament project and invite your family to join in the crafting fun. Every time you see your creation hanging on your christmas tree, you’ll be reminded of the night. Personalize one of your old tree ornaments with your friends while enjoying a glass of wine and some delicious snacks. But all that beautiful ornaments have to be displayed somewhere, so make sure your christmas tree is all set up, you can check out Christmas Trees Singapore for an amazing array.

  1. Cookie Decorating

Another one to ease the burdens of your dessert spread this Christmas. Make a couple of batches of simple sugar cookies in holiday shapes. Allow the kids to decorate their cookies with colored frosting and sprinkles. Then pack them in small transparent plastic bags so that your guests get to bring home their cookies. Another version of this party theme is to get everyone to bake their favorite holiday Christmas cookies (almost like a potluck) and get them to bring their own bakes to the party. Bake their favorite type of holiday cookie the night before, then meet up to exchange them during the party. You then get a spread of everyone’s favorites. 

  1. Movie Theme Party

The Christmas movies just keep getting better and better each year. Whether you’re traditional and love the older movies, or prefer the newer Christmas movies, you can set up a movie theme party and choose the theme of the party to revolve around that one particular movie you love. From The Polar Express to A Christmas Story, there are numerous holiday films that can be used to create a party theme. Decorate your home to match, and give out a prize for the best first impression. You can also play the movie on your TV for all to enjoy as they eat the decadent treats and sweets that we all love during the Christmas time! 

Like we said, it’s never too soon to plan your Christmas party themes for the year and we hope we managed to spark some ideas for your theme for the upcoming joyous occasion! 

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